MariyaL – Wellbeing

Life with a deep meaning in balance with all that is. No more negative stress.

This is what I strive for myself. I want to help you to realise yourself, in all the ways possible. There are no limits!

Tools to achieve that:


Energy Medicine

Wellbeing coaching

Business consulting 

My story is one of perseverance and limitless strength. Using my intuition and profound knowledge of holistic wellbeing, I have managed to face the painful truth about myself and overcome the obstacles. Now I do what I love in life and make my dreams come true.

Balanced wellbeing has been the most difficult goal to achieve. Discovering my heart’s true desire and understanding where we stand as humans –  beings of nature, I have made choices that might surprise. They were, however, the right ones for me.

As Gandhi sayed: ” Be the change you want to see and there is no higher god than truth.” These simple phrases are the guideline to everything I do.

I was born in Moscow in 1982. Moving to Finland in 1991 changed my life profoundly. I became independent when I was 16. Since 2019 I have been a single parent. Finished my second degree as BA in 2014. Barely managed to avoid my fifth burnout in autumn 2021 and survived from profound depression. Beside all the challenges that I have faced. I made my dreams come true. D or me

Living a life where my values are visible in all the choices I make, is very important to me. Authenticity is what I strive for discovering and rediscovering myself every day.

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