Wellbeing retreats are activities where individuals or groups withdraw from their regular daily lives, routines, or environments to seek relaxation, personal growth, reflection, and often a change of scenery. I organise retreats with people who have taught me something remarkable in the places that have good energy for healing.


Over twenty years yoga has been an important part of my life together with meditation. I think if it wasn’t for yoga and meditation, I would not be alive.  I teach Hatha, Yin, Original Hot Yoga, Air Yoga, Laughter Yoga  and Kundalini, which I have personally practiced the longest. I also do Ashtanga and I occasionally teach it too. More entertaining variations are Wine and Beer Yoga. To the repertoire I have also added Nature Yoga because it is important to reestablish the healing connection with nature.

Energy Medicine

When you break a bone go to a doctor. With other problems or when healing from the surgery, energy medicine can help. I have practiced Reiki ja Nature Healing over 20 years. In addition to that I do sound healing sessions and I started my shamanic journey in 2022.


Ask and you shall be answered.​

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